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Here is another recording from Keith Williams.

In this one Lyall Watson talks about the chimpanzee, Bongo, and the way that pride comes before a fall, in this case for Lyall as a budding new zoo director …

Lyall Watson and Bongo

In the recording, Lyall talks about his fluency in speaking monkey. I’m not sure if that’s what he was demonstrating in this photo (taken on a family holiday in 1974), but it comes close!

Lyall Watson monkeying around

Lyall’s monkey face

I hope you enjoy listening to this recording as much as I did.


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This is another recording of my uncle Lyall Watson sent to me by Keith Williams.

The Explorer – 12th August 1982 2

In this recording, Lyall talks about the explorer who was the inspiration for his book Lightning Bird: Adrian Boshier.

This is who I think Lyall wanted to be – he would have liked to turn back the clock and be one of the early explorers, mapping out a new world and uncovering its mysteries.

A documentary was made on Adrian Boshier: Rradinokga. (You can see a trailer for it here.)

Adrian Boshier - the explorer

Adrian Boshier – the explorer

Lyall Watson - the explorer

Lyall Watson – the explorer

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I am indebted to Keith Williams for sending me recordings he’d made of my uncle Lyall Watson. I’m not sure where they were originally aired but imagine it was on the BBC and, from the sounds of it, Lyall is reading from his work rather than talking off the cuff.

This recording is about his grandmother (and my great-grandmother) Ouma. The family stories about her are all as fabulous as this recording suggests.

Oma – 13th August 1982 2

I think that Ouma is sitting in the middle, wearing pink in this photo from my christening… (please correct me if I’m wrong, family! And send better photos of her if you have them.)

Katherine's christening: seen with grandparents and two great-grandparents.

Katherine’s christening: seen with grandparents and two great-grandparents.
Back row: John Davidson, Mary Lyall-Watson and Doug Lyall-Watson
Front row: Beryl Clarence, Katherine, Grace Morkel (nee Devine) and Cynthia Davidson

close up of Oma at the christening

close up of Ouma at the christening

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